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How Aura QMS Software Cuts Document Management Time in Half for a Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

How Aura QMS Software Cuts Document Management Time in Half for a Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer


Our client is a prominent player in the manufacturing of high-end instruments with over 30 years of industry experience. They have a specialized R&D process for medical equipment manufacture. The company boasts an extensive product portfolio, accumulated over the years, leading to a significant volume of crucial documents in the archive.

Business Requirement

The primary pain points revolved around the cumbersome nature of manual and paper documentation and its management, especially in their research and development efforts. Valuable time was being spent on searching for essential documents, often because documents were misplaced or lost. This not only led to operational inefficiencies and extra resources but also necessitated the replacement of lost documents, further burdening the workflow and other processes. The complexity increased when multiple individuals were involved in workflows, making it challenging to track responsibilities and task assignments.

Solution Offered

To address these challenges, we proposed the implementation of Aura QMS document management software, aiming to decrease the time spent on manual documentation and management by 50%. Aura, an electronic Quality Management System, offered a seamless transition from a manual document management system to an automated one.

All documents, including those crucial to the R&D process for medical equipment, were uploaded, approved, and published within specified hours. The system established a hierarchy of approval authorities for each document version, ensuring a clear path for document approvals. Users were required to raise a Document Change Request (DCR) for each version, maintaining a transparent record of modifications. Access to documents was restricted to privileged users only, enhancing security and confidentiality.


  • Reduced time spent on documentation and management by 50%
  • Eliminated the risk of document misplacement and loss
  • Streamlined workflows by providing a clear hierarchy of approval authorities
  • Enhanced transparency by tracking responsibilities within teams
  • Effortless transition from manual to automated document management
  • Efficiently managed and maintained all R&D documents in a cloud storage repository
  • Significantly decreased the need for manual paper documentation, leading to cost savings
  • Improved security and confidentiality through controlled, restricted access to privileged users

The implementation of Aura QMS software’s Document Management System, revolutionized the client’s document management process, bringing about an exemplary shift in efficiency and productivity within their R&D segment for medical equipment.