Case Studies

Revolutionizing Document Management: Streamlining Quality Assurance with Aura QMS

Revolutionizing Document Management: Streamlining Quality Assurance with Aura QMS


The client is a leading business group having numerous industries and services, with a wide distribution network operating in a nationwide competitive market.

Business Requirement

After a discussion with the client, about the documentation requirements in maintaining a quality system for the group, the Aura team identified the following challenges the client was having when managing its multiple entities, to achieve their business goals.

  • The unseen problem is the absence of a structured repository with a robust version control mechanism that leads to difficulties in tracking document changes, resulting in disorganization and confusion about the latest (updated) and most accurate versions. This leads to delays, errors, non-compliance, and miscommunication, hindering operational quality.
  • In various scenarios where their teams collaborate on critical projects with constant document revisions, the lack of clear version control makes integrating edits complex. Determining the most recent version becomes challenging, leading to information loss and incorrect data utilization.

Solution Offered

Our team deliberated to finally derive a Quality Assurance solution that will help meet the client’s requirements to sort out the various issues related to quality management.

  • Structured Version Control: Aura QMS Software provides a structured approach to versioning, ensuring a clear history of document changes, simplifying comparisons between versions, and enabling seamless collaboration.
  • Efficient Document Management: With the QMS module, organizations can efficiently manage document revisions, ensuring that the most up-to-date and accurate information is readily available and accessible.
  • Version Tracking: The software offers secure and robust version tracking and credentials, eliminating confusion and providing a clear overview of document changes.
  • Enhanced Document Collaboration: The Aura module facilitates efficient document collaboration, allowing teams to work on documents simultaneously while maintaining version integrity.
  • Clear Version History: The system maintains a comprehensive version history, making it easy to trace document changes and identify the most recent versions.
  • Seamless integration with ISO audit software offers accessibility, accuracy, compliance and actionable insights.


  • Enhanced Version Control & History: Clear and structured versioning system available for all stakeholders and tracking of document modifications.
  • Efficient Document Management: Timely access to up-to-date information improves decision-making.
  • Improved Version Tracking: A comprehensive overview of document changes made over time.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Facilitates simultaneous work on documents.


By implementing this software application, the company gains a competitive edge in managing document versioning issues, ensuring efficient document management, and overcoming document control problems.