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QMS System to Streamline Audit Management in Logistics Company

QMS System to Streamline Audit Management in Logistics Company


The client is a leading logistics service provider with worldwide reach. The company is engaged in offering its valued customers a professional service and also provide flexible supply chain solutions that are tailored to meet the individual business needs of their customers.

Business Requirement

The client’s requirement was to develop a Quality Management software solution to handle their organization’s Complete Internal Audit Activities, handle the Document Management system requirements and to effectively manage their tasks on a day-to-day basis with the help of a software.

Solution offered

The client was given Aura’s Internal Audit Management module which covered key Audit Activities, such as Audit Scheduling, Audit Publishing, Pre-Audit Activities & Post-Audit Activities in real-time with related charts. This addressed the client’s pain point regarding internal audit activities management. An authorized user of the company will be given privilege access to create multiple Audit Checklists, to create and manage Audit Reports. The software system also provides the facility to do the Correction, Root Cause Analysis, Corrective Action, Effectiveness Review by Auditor & Auditee, all in a user-friendly manner.

To address the pain point of efficient document management AURA also provided the client the Article / Document Management System that enables an authorized user to create or update and publish documents / templates / articles quite effortlessly via the digitized system.

Access to specific documents can be restricted by assigning a security role with the proper access rights (common / a specific user group / individual user) in relation with Workflow Management. The software’s Dashboard feature actually facilitates the user to get to know the Daily, Weekly & Monthly tasks in a user-friendly manner. Such tasks can be the meetings, training’s, POA’s, Daily tasks and Audit tasks.


  • Track RCAs with its relevant status, anytime & anywhere
  • Clarity in creating and managing various Audit Checklists
  • Document Management with revision history made easy
  • More personalized reminders on audits and events generated
  • Option to track non-audit related tasks also in the system