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Quality Management Solution for a Knitted Garments Exporter

Quality Management Solution for a Knitted Garments Exporter


Client is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of knitted garments with three decades of experience in the garment industry

Business Requirement

Client’s core requirement was to have a quality management solution that should be able to effectively handle their RootCause Analysis for the Nonconformities. Also the system should substantiate the right process involved by the appropriate stake holders in tasks handling & Tracking those tasks. The proposed system should offer tangible benefits that leads to continual improvements to the Quality Management System of the Organization.

Solution offered

Client was provided with Aura QMS, the best quality management software to manage, monitor and analyze their root cause and non-conformities. Aura’s Comprehensive Audit Management module allows QMS User / Authorized user to create appropriate Audit checklists for each departments which are all applicable to the organization such as Merchandising, Marketing, Exports, Finance, Materials, Production, Finishing and Sampling.

QMS user will have the flexibility to view a particular Department Audit and all the applicable processes. Auditor can raise their Observations as Conformities (0+) & Non Conformities (0-) through Audit Observation report. Based on the report the system creates & assigns this audit findings as Post Audit task to auditee.

RootCause Analysis:

Aura facilitates the Auditee to identify RootCause from the following steps

Step 1: Issue / Problem description (clearly breakdown the issues one by one & mention it below to find the Root causes considering the impact)

Step 2: Reason – (Clearly state the reason for each issue)

Step 3: Identifying the RootCause by doing Why-Why Analysis (5 times/ 6 times)

  1. While listing the possible causes, Include Cross Functional team
  2. List all the causes then do the Why, Why Analysis
  3. Each reason should have one Root cause
  4. One deviation / Nonconformance can have multiple Root cause

Once the Auditee has identified the RootCause, then the system creates & assigns RootCause verification as a task to auditor. Auditor & Auditee can track& know the RootCause Analysis current status (Completed & Inprogress status).

In this way, AURA’s Audit Management gives more clarity on Post Audit tasks & process related outcomes driven to end users that helps to improve process effectiveness within an organization.


  • Automation of Post Audit Activities
  • Mapping appropriate tasks to appropriate users (Auditor & Auditee)
  • Increasing visibility on RootCause analysis current status between the various stake holders (QMS User, Auditor & Auditee)
  • Huge time saving & Avoid existing system gaps in running their Internal Audit activities
  • Process based approach to improve the Process Effectiveness.