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Audit Management Solution for Pump Manufacturer

Audit Management Solution for Pump Manufacturer


Client is one of the leading manufacturer of Pumps with three decades of experience, their service policy is aimed at ensuring quality and timely service to their customers across the country. Their quality of service and service accessibility is steadily improving with setting up of new branches and service centers.

Business Requirement

Client’s core requirement was the proposed solution should be able to effectively handle their Audit activities with Corrective Action for Nonconformities. Also the system should verify right tasks assigned to the appropriate stakeholders for handling & Tracking those tasks in an easy manner.

Solution offered

The Client was provided with Aura -Web based QMS software that helps them to effectively monitor & manage Internal audit activities and find ineffectiveness in the existing system. Also helps in bringing improvements in the existing process by using Comprehensive Audit Management Module. Overall it leads to customer satisfaction and new improvement initiatives.

Aura’s Comprehensive Audit Management module allows the QMS / Authorized user to create appropriate Audit checklists for each department in the organization.

Apart from audit management to address their core requirement ie., to effectively handle their Corrective Action for the Nonconformities Aura has been customized with the below given features:

The QMS user will be given flexibility to choose for a particular Department Audit what are all the applicable processes for this Department Audit. Auditor can raise their Observations as Conformities (0+) & Non Conformities (0-) through Audit Observation report. Based on the report the system creates & assigns this as Post Audit task to auditee.

Corrective Action in Aura includes 3 major steps (Correction, Root cause Analysis & Corrective Action). Once the correction & RootCause Analysis for the Non Conformities are reviewed & completed then the next important step is Corrective Action which can be done by following ways

Step 1: For the Root cause, the respective corrective action should be identified

Step 2: Mention the Identified Corrective Action with impact. The Impact can lead to Process Changes / Document changes / Audit checklist updation changes / Training related requirements / Other Checklist related changes)

Step 3: While defining the corrective actions, applicable departments should be mentioned for effective Implementation

Step 4: Corrective Action should be clearly specified with the types such as CAR POA type – Long Term & Short Term along with the TAT defined. CAR POA can be assigned to respective stake holders

Step 5: Once the above 4 steps are completed, Corrective Action Implementation Effectiveness Review can be done by CAR Auditor. CAR Auditor will be able to verify the Corrective action POA – Long Term & Short Term closure.

Preventive Action

AURA facilitates to log Preventive Action as POAs and assign those Preventive Action to respective stake holders using Tasks management. Completed on time, completed with Overdue, Inprogress and Yet to start POA’s can be tracked.


  • Automation of Post Audit Activities
  • Mapping appropriate tasks to appropriate users (Auditor & Auditee)
  • Increased visibility on RootCause analysis current status between the various stake holders (QMS User, Auditor & Auditee)
  • Huge time saving & Avoid existing system gaps in running their Internal Audit activities
  • Process based approach to improve the Process Effectiveness