Case Studies

Quality management solutions for a leading Educational institution

Quality management solutions for a leading Educational institution


Client is one of the leading educational institutions maintaining School & College. They were conducting seminars, conferences and recruiting fairs for their students.

Business Requirement

Client’s requirement was to deploy Document Management & Control Module software
which should enable them to automate manual tasks, increase efficiency, and streamline processes across various departments.

Solution offered

We provided the client with AURA QMS’s Document management module that enables schools to preserve documents focused on students rather than increasing administrative costs.

  • AURA’s assists authorized users to create and manage documents. End users can view the published documents in a user friendly manner. The Authorized user can configure the published document view privileges.
  • Facilitated DCR module handles Document Change process in two different steps.

    Initial level – Who raised the change request, Change description, Purpose of the change, etc?

    Approval Level – Change requested, approved details, Document revision number etc,

  • Document management module with Work flow Management covers configurable forwarding & approving authority in a user friendly manner.
  • Facilitated the provision to handle Version control for Documents & Records completely under respective categories.
  • The system provides document archival feature for better traceability & maintenance.
  • In addition to the above AURA QMS provides Assessment Management Module & Audit module facilitates to cover the educational institutions compliance requirements.


  • Cut Costs
  • Save Time
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Risk
  • Increased Visibility
  • Reduced Response Time