Case Studies

Quality management solutions for a leading BPO organization

Quality management solutions for a leading BPO organization


Client is one of the leading BPO Company offering Medical Transcription, Business Transcription, Legal
Transcription services to clients across the world.

Business Requirement

  • Client’s requirement was to develop a Quality Management software solution
  • Developed software should be able to handle their organization’s Document Management system requirements
  • Should monitor Complete Internal Audit Activities
  • Should effectively manage Meetings & trainings related tasks.

Solution offered

  • Aura Web-based quality management solution, brings organization-specific quality management system requirements and enables to streamline quality process
  • AURA’s Article / Document management module facilitates the authorized user to create, update & publish the Article / Document/ Template with workflow in a user friendly manner.
  • AURA’s efficient internal Audit management solution provides Comprehensive Internal Audit Management which covers Audit Scheduling, Audit Publishing, Pre Audit Actvities & Post Audit Actvities in real time.
  • It includes Multiple Audit Checklist creation, Audit report submission, Correction, Root cause Analysis, Corrective Action, Effectiveness review & Audit closure.
  • Using Aura’s schedule management authorized user can schedule meetings & trainings with reminders.
    Facilitates the Admin/Privileged user to create n number of schedules.
  • Powerful dashboard with all updates for the end users to plan their tasks effectively


  • Manage documents/templates/articles from one console
  • Document Data decentralization to improve the traceability
  • Automates complete internal audit activities leads to increased process efficiencies.
  • Reduction in costs of correcting defects in existing process by analyzing Root cause and implementing the Corrective & Preventive actions
  • Powerful Dashboard enable users to be aware and track tasks effectively