Case Studies

Quality management solutions for a leading FMCG industry

Quality management solutions for a leading FMCG industry


The client is a UAE based business house engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of well-integrated range of consumer products. The organization focuses on the following business segments including Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Commodities, Oils and Fats, Frozen Foods, and Institutional Services. In addition, they also manufacture related derivatives and intermediates associated with these business segments.

Business Requirement

  • Requires QMS software to streamline their quality process.
  • QMS software should facilitate authorized user to create & manage various process, clauses and checklists under respective assessment.
  • Tracking of Non conformities & Opportunity for Improvements facilities should be implemented.
  • Access to the documents should be restricted by assigning a security role.
  • Admin / Authorized users must be given privilege to track any data from anywhere.
  • Should have the facility to Manage Meetings & Trainings
  • Need Article / Document Management system to create / update / publish the Articles with workflow Management

Solution offered

  • Aura Web-based quality management software has been provided to client with an easy-to-learn and user friendly interface to stream line quality processes.
  • Aura supports authorized user to create & manage various process, clauses and checklists under respective assessment.
  • Aura’s efficient internal Audit management solution provides Comprehensive Internal Audit Management which covers Audit Scheduling, Audit Publishing, Pre Audit Actvities & Post Audit Activities in real time with charts such as Multiple Audit Checklist creation , Audit report submission, Correction , Root cause Analysis , Corrective Action, Effectiveness review , Audit closure, Audit Summary.
  • Using Aura’s schedule management authorized user can schedule the meetings & trainings with reminders.
  • Facilitate the Admin/Privileged user to create n number of schedules. Rescheduling the meeting by the privileged user. Agenda and minutes can be created.
  • Powerful dashboard with all updates for the endues to plan their tasks effectively
  • Using AURA’s Document management module the authorized user can create, update & publish the Article / Document with workflow in a user friendly manner.


  • Monitor & Mange organization’s regulatory compliance requirements in an effective manner
  • Automates complete internal audit activities, this leads to increased process efficiencies.
  • Document Data decentralization to improve traceability
  • Reduction in costs of correcting defects in existing process by analyzing Root cause and implementing the Corrective & Preventive actions
  • Manage documents/templates/articles from one console
  • Powerful Dashboard enabling users to be aware and track tasks