Case Studies

Task Management for Oil and Gas Company

Task Management for Oil and Gas Company


Client is one of the Leading Company that provides products, services and solutions to Oil & Gas sector. They were successful in finding and developing new strategies and striking a new balance between risk and reward. These qualities have helped them to explore areas, where other companies thought that are too risky compared with potential rewards.

Business Requirement

Client’s core requirement was the proposed solution should be able to effectively handle New Initiatives and associated Tasks that has to be created with Tracking Mechanism, also the system should result in offering Tangible benefits that leads to continual improvements to the Quality Management system of the Organization.

Solution offered

Client was provided with Aura QMS software that help organizations to effectively monitor and manage their regulatory compliance activities. As per the client’s requirement, the system has been customized and made flexible to create ‘N’ no of New Initiatives & assign associated tasks. AURA facilitates Assessment Management which will allow to create New Initiative under that New Initiative management

Authorized user can create associated tasks & assign the responsible users for each tasks. Using the POA Module New Initiative Owner can track Completed %, Inprogress % & Yet to start % in a Graphical manner.

Document Management system in Aura helps to save all the documents in a secure, centralized web-based document control system with workflow mechanism (Forwarded, Approved & Published). It allows to upload Word, Excel, PPT & Image formats. System facilitates the Authorized user to Enable & Disable the Department Wise Document View privilege to the end users. This provides secured access of the Overall Document management system in an easy manner. It Leads to Reduce time, effort and costs associated with manual, paper-based document management processes in addition to the above Aura provides Meetings management & trainings management as add on module.


  • Provides systematic, consistent workflows to capture, manage, review and track the entire Document management system effectively
  • Reduces the manual work & Saves lot of time
  • Configurable Assessment management makes better visibility & helps to measure the New Initiatives
  • Process based approach to improve Effectiveness