Case Studies

Audit management solution for a Pump manufacturing company

Audit management solution for a Pump manufacturing company


Client is in Engineering Industry, vastly experienced in manufacturing Pumps & Valves, aimed at ensuring proper and timely services to their customers. As a trendsetter in the pumping field, the company have introduced innovations that have satisfied their customers.

Business Requirement

Client’s core requirement was the proposed solution should be able to effectively handle their Internal Audit Management Activities. Also the system should result in providing tangible benefits that leads to continual improvements to the Quality Management system of the Organization.

Solution offered

The Client was provided with Aura -Web based QMS software that helps organization to effectively monitor & manage their regulatory compliance activities & expose ineffectiveness in the existing system and help improvements in process requirements by using Comprehensive Assessment Management & Audit Management Module. Overall it leads to customer satisfaction and new improvement initiatives.

Aura QMS helped the client to effectively handle their Complete Assessment Management needs, also AURA provides the facility to create Assessments such as ISO 9001: 2015 as one assessment & ISO 27001 as another assessment.

AURA QMS also has the default clauses for ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 9001:2015. It saves time to the end users in data entry. In addition to that QMS users can add Assessments on their own & Track clauses, Internal Audit Activities such as Audit Scheduling, Audit Publishing, Pre Audit Activities & Post Audit Activities & Reports. Using this Assessment management, the QMS users will be able to create & maintain various standards.

QMS User will be able to generate the report of valid OIs from the system. This is the important Audit outcome. In this way QMS user can measure the tangible benefits.


  • Reduces the manual work & Saves time
  • Configurable Assessment management makes better visibility
  • Helps to measure the Process Compliance
  • Avoid existing system gaps in running their Internal Audit activities
  • Process based approach to improve the Process Effectiveness