Aura facilitates My calendar feature for Individual Users

Aura facilitates My calendar feature for Individual Users

26 Apr 2017

In today’s technology age automated report generation reduces the time taken to generate and distribute reports. Also, automation software enables to complete complicated tasks and update reports in a matter of seconds.  Also in general people have limited patience, as they are in short of time and everyone is looking to have information on their fingertips. In this scenario digital Dashboards plays an important role, these help to consolidate all the information into rich interactive chart by pulling them from multiple raw data sources.

Likewise, calendar scheduling is significant for every individual user as it will be the key for making right decisions within an organization to ensure that every user is aware of their respective schedules.

AURA –Industry leading QMS solution provider offers Quality management solutions with Powerful dashboards that empower users and provide the facility for users to display & notify Audits, Meetings and Trainings automatically based on the Schedules defined by the Authorized user. A dashboard plays an important role in planning post Audit activities; the system helps to create each & every subsequent action points into tasks automatically & notifies the users to act up on for the Audit closure etc., and enable users to know & plan their Daily, Weekly & Monthly planned schedules in an effective manner.

Recently Aura’s dashboard has been enriched with calendar feature, using this feature Individual users will be able to know their respective Audit tasks, Article tasks, Meetings & Trainings planned for that day. Additional facility will be provided for Week & Month also.

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