Track Non-Conformities & OIs with Aura’s Internal Audit Report

Track Non-Conformities & OIs with Aura’s Internal Audit Report

23 Mar 2017

Internal audit report in any organization is a document that provide various insights about a business and its processes, auditors may use the internal audit report

  • To evaluate the organization status
  • Analyze the extent of audit
  • Verify the effectiveness of internal audit and internal control systems

Internal auditors sometimes may face issues that are fundamentally important for the standardizations of any organization. Even in auditing internal auditors look beyond financial risks and statements to consider wider issues that greatly impacts business reputation. Reports in internal auditing gives a clue whether the entity has been functioning as per established system and procedures. Thus the reports are significant to analyze & understand the business process and its relevant gaps.

AURA QMS helps internal auditors by offering Internal Audit Report that facilitates the authorized user to know the Major NCs, Minor NCs & OIs based on the Audit category & Audit Sub Category. Audit category wise filtering option is made available in Aura that provides the QMS user to choose Project Audits, Product Audits & Department Audits. Based on the selected Audit Category, user will be able to choose the defined sub categories.  Month wise filtering option is also provided to know the Trend as well. In addition to that No of OIs raised by the Auditor will also be tracked.

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