Aura facilitates to measure the Effectiveness of the Audit

Aura facilitates to measure the Effectiveness of the Audit

Auditing, when effectively implemented in an organization it drives quality results and arguably it is considered as the most important tool in the quality system tool box. It’s the primary method for continuously monitoring organization’s quality management process (QMS). Auditing is commonly used to diagnose, maintain and improve quality within every organization and it is made compulsory for them to maintain their quality management system based on quality standards. Other native approaches may fail to achieve the objectives set forth, and also assessing the effectiveness, but automated quality management software ensures it delivers quality audit results.

Aura Quality Management System facilitates QMS / MR / Management team to find effectiveness of the audit, for identifying the weakness / process deviations as Non Conformities (NCs) & Opportunity for Improvements (OIs). This in turn provides the real-time snap shot for each & every post audit activity like Correction, Root cause analysis, Corrective Action, OI Validation & CAR effectiveness review.

Auditee & Auditor’s schedule will be automatically assigned by the system and calculates deviation time against defined TAT.

  • Effectiveness of the Auditor can be measured from key parameters such as On Time Audit report submission, CAR effectiveness review done on time & Valid OIs given
  • Effectiveness of the Auditee can be measured based on Time Closure of Audit, No of NCs received, quality of CAR and effectiveness review closed on time.

Measure your audit effectiveness ,spend less time in documenting and save time to review, to know more reach us @  or leave us an enquiry