DCR Module of AURA QMS Adds Value To Customer Business

DCR Module of AURA QMS Adds Value To Customer Business

14 Dec 2018

Any change will have a significant impact on a project/process. Almost every aspect of auditing and compliance verification is done through the inspection of documented evidence. Document change control management is essential for a successful organisation and Aura quality management system enables management of complete documents of an organisation through a comprehensive automated document control management process.

We at ANGLER have provided AURA quality management software for a leading pump manufacturing company with document change request module (DCR Module) to manage documents more efficiently. Aura’s comprehensive document change request management module will help organizations to open new opportunities that will add more value to the project and the organization.

In fact, this DCR approval team can determine whether or not the proposed change is worth the effort. Once request has been approved/the final document will become effective from a date, version control number will be assigned to it. Privileged Users can coordinate & manage the module in change execution across departments.

Document Change Request Module to manage Change

  • The module facilitated the Privileged User to mention the proposed change, reason for the change & impact on the documents, with the necessary information included.
  • The system efficiently supports the Version handling of particular documents. They can be changed from Rev 00 to Rev 01.
  • The module facilitates the Authorized User to study & track the revision history status, which is Forwarded and then Approved by concerned higher authorities.
  • The DCR Module provides the latest document to be published. It facilitates the User on how to change and replace the document (older document to new revised document) following the same format number.
  • The system also facilitates the Privileged User to view the superseded (or obsolete file) as and when applicable.

The DCR Module helps the organisation to avoid expensive mistakes and produce consistent results and above all helps to manage growth effectively, on a day to day basis. By implementing the DCR Module of Aura Quality Management Software, the business organisation can avoid gaps, help identify the continuous improvements and retrace your steps and ensures that none are missed.

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