Document Management System for Automobile Spare Parts Manufacturer

Document Management System for Automobile Spare Parts Manufacturer

17 Jan 2019

Any company will need the support of an effective quality management system (QMS) to be able to produce quality products or services that can garner them a good share of the market, overcoming the challenges of the competition. Aura has a QMS solution which is web-based that can digitise the quality management.

Most companies are moving over from traditional methods to a software-based system of management and thus can organise all documentation efficiently. No more wasting of precious time to frantically search through stacks of folders to find a single document. Files and document stored digitally in a server (or the cloud) can ensure documents of the company are not misplaced and are accessible by assigned users quickly.

In recent past we offered a digital solution for document management to a leading manufacturer of spare parts for the automobile sector. Actually they faced challenge in proper document control that led to gaps in regulatory compliance activities as each user was maintaining different document / templates, the company had to find a solution to sort out the issue.

The company approached Aura for a solution and the client was provided the right module, with features like document version control and document tracking, that enabled all edits to a document easily visible to the team or group assigned the task.

To help the client save time and trouble, the assigned user could access the specific documents or policies from anywhere and improve efficiency. No need of searching several different cabinets, saving time and getting more work done. Aura quality management solution reduced the paperwork and offered a comprehensive centralised system vital for compliance with ISO standards.

The solution provided the client with the following benefits

Benefits to QMS/MR User

  • The document management system facilitated a configurable workflow management and to configure department-wise forwarding & approval authorities.
  • The system created separate tasks automatically for the respective approval authorities.
  • DCR module gives the process adherence awareness among all users.
  • Gives huge benefits in process implementation in document management system.
  • Comprehensive privilege management in assigning privileges. Normal user gets only view privilege. Department heads get view & download privilege and QMS/MR users get complete privilege.
  • Gives improved usage among all users; effective Implementation of comprehensive document management system.

Benefits for Individual User

  • Provides flexibility in uploading to different type of documents (such as Word, Excel, PDF & Image formats) with ease of access.
  • The system provides document forward & approval task, current status in an effective manner.
  • Can view & download the latest document any time, based on the privilege assigned to user.
  • Better traceability leads to increase in the usage of comprehensive document management system.

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