Effective Task Management with Aura

Effective Task Management with Aura

28 Oct 2016

Audit management software in an organization gives the flexibility to manage and support all types of audits, including internal audits, IT audits, operational audits and quality audits. Automated Audit management software will provide end-to-end functionalities for managing the complete audit lifecycle starting from Audit scheduling to managing pre and post Audit activities. Effective audits will be a strong foundation for maintaining quality and compliance throughout the organization.

But developing an efficient and effective audit management system will be challenging. It’s also difficult to generate accurate, timely reports and trends using spreadsheets / paper documents. Without an effective audit reporting tool, Conducting Audit & Tracking of Audit NCs is tedious. AURA, an exclusive QMS software serves as an efficient Task management system and facilitates authorized user to assign tasks to any users with the appropriate description

  • While assigning the task, the Authorized user can know & track the key details such as
    • Task Raised By
    • Task Raised date
    • Department
    • Responsible User
    • Associated User
    • Task Category (POA/ Goal / Task)
    • Estimated Hours
    • Expected Date of Completion
    • Task Priority (High / Medium / Low)
  • In the dash board, the authorized user will be able to track POA Summary such as No of POAs Completed – On time, POAs Completed – Overdue, POAs- Hold, POAs – Cancelled in a graphical manner
  • In addition to the above Completion %, In progress %, Yet to start % gives current status of the Department level overall POA Status & Company level over all POA status.

Aura is fully loaded with Quality management features what you’re looking for. So no more delays  Leave us an enquiry or Contact us to implement Aura QMS.