Timely Audit completion and report submission with Aura

Timely Audit completion and report submission with Aura

25 Nov 2016

Many organizations today started to observe the real values in investing audit management software’s, especially when it comes to streamline auditing process. Audits are becoming crucial across various departments, from HR to sales, marketing and management. Audits focus on overall business process factors, processes and procedures conducted within the organization. With audits potential risks can be identified on early stages helps to prevent bigger issues from slipping through the cracks and causing major problems also audits prevent risks from becoming a reality.

AURA facilitates the Authorized user to give appropriate Audit observations as Conformities (O+), Non Conformities – Major NCs & Minor NCs (O-) & Opportunity for Improvements – (OIs) for the Audit findings against each parameters mentioned in the Checklist. This gives the flexibility to user to define their own parameters in addition to the previous ones mentioned in the checklist. Hence the Complete Audit will be automated & their Observations also recorded for taking next steps on the Observations such as NCs – Correction, Root cause Analysis & Corrective Action. For OIs – Validating of those OIs & Valid OIs can be moved to POAs.

QMS User can generate report of each & every audit’s Observations. This report would list the No of NCs, No of OIs for all Audit’s conducted. This gives quick snap shot of the Audits outcome in an effective manner.

Deploying Quality management solutions is the right choice to Automate audits, Aura QMS will be your right partner to manage organizational processes, leave us an enquiry to know more in detail…