New Initiative Management with QMS

New Initiative Management with QMS

20 Dec 2016

All your to-do business initiatives are being managed in spreadsheets and PowerPoint? Is your ROI being reduced because of poor co-ordination? Is your new initiative execution is lowering because of any communication constraints? Or do you find it difficult to measure outcomes and improve accountability?

To compete in today’s highly competitive market many businesses might use a list of initiatives to describe their strategic vision, these initiatives might be related to types of services, revenue generation, business development etc., Managing the initiatives and regular monitoring of the improvements manually is not possible and in place if automated system supports this management it will be useful for businesses to have a streamlined workflow. The organization that can involve technology professionals in developing new technologies will be able to better manage change in the organization

Aura QMS will be the best solution to meet every business Quality needs, now AURA facilitates the authorized user, to define improvement initiatives, breakdown those new initiatives into POAs and then allocate resources for those POAs. It helps the Authorized user to track the POAs Estimated hours, Actual Hours Spent which in turn clearly indicates the New Initiatives overall status. Dash Board in Aura helps the user to view & track POAs with appropriate status (Completed, Inprogress &Yet to start) in a graphical manner. This will lead to Process Improvements, Time Saving & Cost saving.

Aura QMS will be the right partner for every business to manage their Quality needs and facilitates businesses with Automated solutions. To know more in detail about Aura QMS leave us an enquiry or visit