Powerful Dash board for User Empowerment

Powerful Dash board for User Empowerment

25 Aug 2015

Is there any possibility to easily view business schedules and plan multiple business scenarios up-to-the-minute?

The key for making right decisions within an organization lies in ensuring that every user has timely access to the best possible information. Dashboards are the significant feature that helps to notice and take a look upon all the scheduled meetings, trainings, and audits etc., Provides all the available information with compact display, as dashboards are valuable resource and delivers a quick visualization of the most critical business data.

AURA the expertise QMS solution provider offers Quality management solutions with Powerful dashboards which empower users and provide the facility for users to display & notify Audits, Meetings and Trainings automatically based on the Schedules defined by the Authorized user. A dashboard plays an important role in planning post Audit activities; the system helps to create each & every subsequent action points into tasks automatically & notifies the users to act up on for the Audit closure etc, and enable users to know & plan their Daily, Weekly & Monthly planned schedules in an effective manner.

Get in touch with us and obtain benefits of interactive dashboards connected to an integrated business intelligence platform, improve business performance, enhance decision making capabilities, and much more.