Schedule Management for Meetings & Trainings

Schedule Management for Meetings & Trainings

28 Dec 2015

Many organizations today hold regularly scheduled trainings and meetings as a part of their routine work; this is because every employer knows that this is the way to update everything with regard to work that matters, and also a way of keeping track of individual and team work progress through a healthy discussion and development sessions.

Meetings will help organizations to arrive at a unanimous decision when decision-making is needed; in general trainings and meetings are inter-related because by the end of self-paced training executives will be able to acquire invaluable strategies on how to hold meetings, understanding the importance, efficient management etc.,

AURA – Outstanding Quality management software assist organizations with a robust quality management software solution that provides a holistic view of all quality processes, facilitating better decision-making. Organizations can leverage Aura’s comprehensive solution to streamline internal quality processes. For proper decision making appropriate scheduling is significant, we embed best practices to ensure scheduling and foster a business-centric approach to manage meetings and trainings.

Our schedule management module helps to create Meeting Schedule, Meeting room, lead users & optional users to seamlessly plan & schedule Meetings & Trainings. Display the upcoming schedules (Meetings & Trainings) in the end users login through dash board. Dashboard facilitates the user to know the Daily, weekly & monthly tasks in a user friendly manner

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