Improved Task Management with Aura

Improved Task Management with Aura

29 Jan 2016

Task management today plays an important role in organizing everyday activities and it helps us to complete our tasks in an easier, quicker and simpler way to attain our ultimate goals. In general, tasks allows to pen down our ideas and thoughts in a piece of paper that have been floating in minds, We all have many thoughts and ideas which we might think fantastic at the moment, and notify ourselves “I’ll remember later”. Well, maybe sometimes we will remember, and maybe sometimes we won’t. Writing down and turning those tasks into actionable items sometimes will be effective but not always.

Then how Tasks can be managed effectively? And performed on time without delays?

To be more productive better task management is essential; as manual task scheduling is time a consuming process adopt automated system for task management and Priotorize tasks easier. Aura, industry leader in providing Quality Management Solutions provides the facility to create & assign the tasks to sub ordinates. While assigning the task Raised Source, Task Category, Task Priority, Task EDC & required Man hours will automatically get updated. Aura’s automated task management solution helps authorized user to know & track the Tasks in an effective manner. Tasks can be associated with Meetings, Trainings, Audit & Articles. It will be displayed in the individual user calendar view for better planning.

With automated task management system, when you take a step out of your business you will gain a new perspective and can realize the difference between what really is urgent and important, and what is less important and appears urgent, without a clear list of tasks, there can be no directed action. Make your tasks automated and gain business benefits. To know more Contact us @