Case Studies

Manufacturer Provided Software for Documentation and Auditing with Analysis and Flow of the QMS Application

Manufacturer Provided Software for Documentation and Auditing with Analysis and Flow of the QMS Application


The client that approached us is a leading engineering company manufacturing various products for a variety of customers spread all over the country. Although they have put many years into operations and run multiple units, they needed to streamline their documentation for improving efficiency and productivity.

Business Requirement

The Aura team had a discussion with the client’s managers to understand their requirements and to facilitate the customization needed in the quality management software application to meet their needs. They needed to have modules for assessment management, meeting management, and complaint management in a single application. They aimed to eliminate the physical maintenance of documents in the present system. They wanted to audit the records on daily bases. The audit management was also required on calls and tickets raised by the sales and service executives. The audit was on a recurrence basis to identify trends. The client is also required to maintain the meeting management and calendar schedule to streamline the tasks allotted to the teams.

Solution Offered

After discussions with the client’s representatives, we customized the quality software for them. By using AURA quality management software, the company is able to enhance the QMS process along with management of the documentation process by maintaining version control and streamlining team collaboration between their departments.

Using the web-based QMS software application, users can create a communication plan to keep the team aligned and focused which helps increase efficiency. We have specifically designed the dashboard for all the audit tasks as a separate module. Here the user can view the pictorial representation of all the audits with summary-wise data and its observation trends in the dashboard module.

All the published documents along with the evidence documents are stored in the AURA cloud server where the user with credentials can view or download the document whenever needed for reporting or analysis as per requirement. They can improve their quality process among the teams and employees by maintaining the internal audit process and maintaining product quality. By maintaining product audit specifically, on this QMS software, there is an overall improvement in the ROI.


  • Offers the highest level of the quality management process
  • Cuts the cost of correcting defects in the existing process
  • Continual improvement to increase process efficiency
  • Improves team interactions for better customer service and customer retention
  • Centralized Data improves the traceability of CAPAs