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Solution for Auditing the Recurrence, Occurrence and Monitoring of Calls for Call-Centres

Solution for Auditing the Recurrence, Occurrence and Monitoring of Calls for Call-Centres


The client is a leading BPO running call centers for their varied clients and offering other related solutions in a competitive market. However, they needed to streamline and audit their call-center business activities to improve quality and efficiency.

Business Requirement

The client approached us in order to find a solution to streamline and monitor the traffic of calls at their call centers, mainly to audit the occurrence, and recurrence of calls for efficiency. They also needed to audit the recorded calls on a daily basis and maintain calendar schedules and meeting management parallelly. This audit process is to improve the quality of their service.

Solution Offered

After discussions with the client’s executives, we went about customizing the Aura software as per their requirements and pain points. We have now specifically designed the dashboard of the quality management software application for all the audit areas as a separate module. Here the user can view the pictorial representation of all the audit information with summary-wise data presented and also its observation trends in the dashboard module. On all the pages we have put the filter option with the designated fields, so the user can view the specific details needed without searching across each page which is convenient and saves time.

By using the Aura QMS product, the BPO company can improve its quality process. By implementing the quality management software among their employees especially by maintaining the internal audit process, the company is able to maintain product quality. Maintaining the product audit specifically, it helps overall improvement of the ROI for the company. Leverage Aura Quality Management Software to automate all steps in the audit lifecycle. Get good real-time visibility into audit processes, history, and findings through the customized graphical dashboards and generate the reports as per your requirements.


  • Provides the highest level of the quality management process
  • Reduces costs of correcting defects in the existing process
  • Data centralization improves the traceability of CAPAs
  • Drives continual improvement & increases process efficiencies
  • Identifies key agent characteristics for training opportunities
  • Improves agent interactions for better customer service
  • Increases customer retention


This QMS software helps to monitor a wide range of organization-specific quality management activities and generate configurable draft and final audit reports for management. Benefit from a modern web-based QMS software that is scalable and multi-location enabled. You can also send us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you.