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How quality management software enhanced documentation process of die casting manufacturing industry

How quality management software enhanced documentation process of die casting manufacturing industry

A leading die cast manufacturing industry in India that manufacturers metal parts used in making consumer and industrial products approached AURA to streamline their quality management documentation control process.  As a modern die casting foundry following DIN ISO 9001 standard, they need more documentation processes to maintain quality standards and regulatory requirements.


  • The ISO die cast manufacturing industry faced challenges in maintaining its quality auditing documents. As they need a central repository for data management.
  • As a large-scale industry maintaining a huge amount of data records the die casting foundry found it difficult to secure all their confidential records more firmly.
  • They lost data while sharing documents or were reckless in maintaining documents.
  • They find significantly low team collaboration between departments and productivity while handling manual documentation processes for their organization.


AURA a reliable quality control document management software provided a solution for the established die casting industry to maintain their documents in new version control. AURA software allowed them to create both internal & external auditing checklists with regulatory standards and maintain a quality management process for their production activities. It worked as a central repository for their document records where they can share, store, and retrieve data without any data redundancy or loss. Even it supported the company to store and maintain all documents in a secure and standard file system location and protect them from any cyber-attack.  Easy document sharing and record access by AURA made the company teams collaborate effectively and increase productivity continuously.


By using AURA software product, the company was able to maintain the quality process among the employees by following internal & external audit processes more efficiently. It also supported the company to maintain a huge amount of document records in a single place without losing a single datum. Enhanced team interactions such as sharing or storing the data record are made easy with AURA quality control document management software.