Aura Adds Audit Finding Reports Particularly, To Upgrade Client’s Documentation System

Aura Adds Audit Finding Reports Particularly, To Upgrade Client’s Documentation System

17 May 2019

A leading industrial company involved in the manufacturing of filtration products for a large number of industries, has a quality management documentation issue. They don’t have a system-wise tracking of audit fining report and safety assessments pertaining to ISO 9001:2015. Neither does the company have an automated document management system.

This when the company approached us at ANGLER Technologies to get them a solution. Our product an audit management and document management system to provide the 6+ management users at the job was provided to them.

The audit management and document management and reports module was adopted to schedule auditing and track reports audit findings and also offered non-conformity corrections and corrective actions, plus it provided maintaining documents with selected users assigned access privileges.

To help the management user to view and track conformities and non-conformities in the process the system provides audit observation summary – process wise. The AURA document management system improves operational efficiency of the QMS and eliminates paperwork for documentation. Using the revision history, the user can keep continually track with change impact information all the document change requests on each stage of documents control.

Aura quality management software installation has many other benefits to management users. It helps any organisation to avoid gaps in compliance as it can easily identify non-compliance and correct issues accordingly to prevent recurrences of issues or problems faced by the industry or business.

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