Large Companies Reduce Risk of Non-Compliance with Audit & Document Management Solution

Large Companies Reduce Risk of Non-Compliance with Audit & Document Management Solution

18 Apr 2019

For all those companies striving to grow and economise their business operations, or service, in a competitive market environment, a modern quality management system (QMS) will undoubtedly provide the required tweaking of processes and the efficiency necessary to progress and scale up.

However, if a company’s audit finding reports for ISO safety assessments has no tracking mechanism, the quality department will find it hard to promptly analyse and correct errors or discrepancies. This was the case of a client belonging to the textile machinery manufacturing and general engineering industry before adopting AURA. The client could not track non-conformity and corrective action. Again, their system did not have an automated document management system.

AURA provides the solution.

The AURA team considered all these business pain points to chalk out a solution for the 10+ QMS users of the company. The AURA QMS Software was integrated to the client server to provide all QMS users with access to audit management and document management applications to help schedule auditing and track records of Audit Findings. It also helps track non-conformity corrections and corrective actions, plus maintenance of documents, with access privilege assigned to the concerned personnel.

AURA QMS users here are benefitted in various ways. The AURA dashboard facilitates the viewing of audit status Wise summary of any particular month. The month-on-month trends can also be seen in a graphical manner.

Aura also facilitated audit observation summary – process wise. They system has eliminated paper-based documentation and also improves operational efficiency of QMS. The application can keep tracking the document change request with the revision history at each stage, all which is recorded. It helps to increase accountability and visibility. The document management system will support the audit management process.

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