Manage and Monitor Complete Pre Audit Activities with Aura

Manage and Monitor Complete Pre Audit Activities with Aura

22 Mar 2016

One of the most challenging aspect of organizations today is maintaining quality and regulatory compliance initiatives to properly manage each stage of an audit. Due to the advancement of industry-specific quality standards, paper-driven compliance and quality management systems are obsolete and also difficult to maintain.

Audit management is increasingly becoming a challenge due to the growing complexity of businesses and the difficulties in scheduling, planning, organizing and conducting audits. Organizations are fast realizing that spreadsheet-based systems are no more suitable for managing audit programs.

AURA pioneer in offering automated Audit Management Solution is customized in a way to help businesses manage a wide range of audit-related activities within a single comprehensive framework, and provides the flexibility for organization to accomplish their objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to examine and improve the effectiveness of SWOT.

To add more value to our Audit management solutions we recently incorporated Pre Audit Activities feature in AURA, this feature includes

  • Once the Audit schedule is published, automatically task will be created for both of the stake holders (Auditor& Auditee) and it can be viewed in their (Auditor& Auditee) calendar.
  • If the Audit Scheduled date is fine, then the system facilitates the Auditee to acknowledge the Audit request.
  • If the Auditee / Auditor wants to Reschedule the Audit date &time, Aura has the provision to send the proposed rescheduled date & time to Approval authority & then the system provides the option to publish the Rescheduled Audit details to Auditor & Auditee.
  • System provide facility to choose the Predefined Audit Checklist for the Auditors & provides flexible optionsto include any parameter during audit and track the Observation’s in the Audit Report.

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