Automated Document Management system for businesses

Automated Document Management system for businesses

17 Feb 2016

Keeping things organized is vital for business success; it has now become a challenge for many organizations to keep up with all the paperwork and electronic files that come into their office or business every day. To overcome these challenges an automated Document management system will be the right choice, that provides a framework for organizing all articles / documents and these systems work in tandem and convert the documents into digital versions.

Aura – Industry leader in offering quality management solutions provides automated document management system that help organizations to maintain organization’s vital documents along with versions that make business process into an automated workflow. This is one of the key reasons for companies to have a Quality management system in place so that the automation takes place the way you manage your documents. It also integrates with other quality processes to provide visibility into which employees need training on revised or new documents.

Key features in Aura Document management are,

  • QMS documents/ Templates/ Records can be organized under different business units and different QMS Processes.
  • 2 levels of Approval work flow with current status
  • DCR Process for Document changes / revisions tracking
  • Access to the documents can be restricted by assigning a security role with the proper access rights
  • Integration of existing document Portal with AURA
  • Document upload using import option to save time in Manual update

Real value of an automated solution is measured on how much less work it requires from you; simply it means the system should be consistent yet flexible.

Aura is not just a Document Management System, but it is a complete Quality management software that helps you manage your documents efficiently and streamline & automate your business Processes. Get to know more in detail Contact us