Automation of Internal Audit Helps Improve Quality

Automation of Internal Audit Helps Improve Quality

13 Feb 2019

The purpose of planning any process audit is to conform to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or safety criteria, federal regulations and requirements. Internal audit is performed to examine and evaluate an operation or a method against predetermined instructions or standards. With Aura QMS organisations can automate their audit process entirely from scheduling to reporting and see more value out of the audits.

By replacing manual activities with Aura QMS software businesses could track whether the process defined is functioning as planned in the QMS & is it effective in producing the required results. Apart from Quality enhancements, risk reductions, and time savings digitalising the process will allow track audit closure status, Non conformity trends, process improvements etc that was not possible earlier.

With Aura internal audit software the process owner can view the dashboard for audit status wise summary for a particular month, month on month trend etc in a graphical manner. The system will enable QMS team to create every activity, send reminder for the stakeholders, manage the whole audit life cycle from assigning, acknowledging, rescheduling, cancelling, till reporting.

Tracking audit observation, correction, root cause analysis, effectiveness review, audit closed status enables QMS team & management representatives to fix the problem, bridge the gap & maintain compliance, keep note of the opportunity for improvements. To proactively identify emerging risk, improve operating effectiveness, keep pace with business changes automate your internal audit process with Aura audit management software.

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