Major Manufacturer Benefits from a Document & Audit Management Solution

Major Manufacturer Benefits from a Document & Audit Management Solution

18 Mar 2019

Companies that adhere to a quality control system will have adequate records to keep and recover over a period of time and managing this information/documents is key to audits and reports for all departments. The objective of a major manufacturer of bath fittings and accessories is to produce quality products to satisfy a competitive market which has to be sustained by QMS.

However, this company lacked a proper document management system to maintain templates and articles of the company. The company does not have a version handling process too which had led to loss of productivity. They lack an audit management software featuring user privileges and the visual representation of audit findings and reports. No automated reminder system existed to give prior notifications and reminders of pre and post audit activities. This resulted in no effective audit process.

The company was then provided with a document management system by AURA that benefited the company’s QMS and MR. The system now produces for them configurable work flow management for document management to help configure department-wise forwarding & approval authorities and also document version control. The system will support the audit management process. The system also generates reminder emails to corresponding users automatically prior to tasks assigned. It also generates graphs and data trends on a monthly basis, to help increase accountability and visibility.

Some of the benefits gained by users include:

  • The system provides the flexibility to upload different types of documents with ease (such as PDF, Excel and image formats.
  • The system provides in an effective manner document forward & approval task and current status.
  • Owing to better traceability found in the comprehensive document management system it has led to increased usage.
  • The latest documents recorded can be viewed and downloaded based on privilege assigned at any time.

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