Quality Compliance Monitoring &
Process Management System

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Importance to have Document change request in business process

Mar 2, 2016 by aura , No Comments

One of the top concerns of Small to medium businesses is to manage the document change request in the business process. Every business has a streamlined process flow for continual growth with a vision and mission as the backbone. Document …

Role of Continual Improvement in business success

Feb 17, 2016 by aura , No Comments

In today’s emerging business environment and quality driven world, organizations have to focus on offering quality products and services to their customers. Quality becomes a significant tool to thrive in the competition. To gain reputation and succeed in business with …

Importance of Compliance Management in businesses

Jan 28, 2016 by aura , No Comments

Compliance refers to the regulations in regards to how the organizations manage the business environment, processes, service, improvements, and support to customers. Compliance management has been followed in many business levels to make sure that the organizations obey corporations act …

Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Dec 21, 2015 by aura , No Comments

Quality is what meeting the expectations, requirements, and needs of the customers to keep them free from defects and lacks. There are pre-defined quality standards which help to satisfy the customer requirements In achieving quality standards, two significant features has …

Significance of QMS implementation: Need vs Speed

Dec 9, 2015 by aura , No Comments

In this present economic climate, major pain point of businesses is survival and ensuring that they satisfy the needs of their customers and improvising the delivery solutions of products and services provided. To attain that, every organization needs to adopt …

Meetings go paperless with Quality Management System

Nov 28, 2015 by aura , No Comments

Following the daily routine of sending e-mails, making phone calls and memos, frequently conducting meetings is the most effective way between people to share and exchange information, receive feedback, plan & execute tasks, collaborate and make important decisions for organizational …

Key elements for better Task Management

Nov 13, 2015 by aura , No Comments

Every day approximately we spend major time on urgent but low priority tasks and postpone the most important tasks. So the task completion ratio will be 80:20 i.e. 80% of the most important work gets completed if only you figure …

Document management to improve customer satisfaction

Oct 27, 2015 by aura , No Comments

Ranking high in customer satisfaction is what every organization endeavors; this has been the major priority for many business owners. Having good customer service positively impacts every business bottom line and shows gradual progress in business benefits. To enhance customer …

Internal audits to manage reputation risks

Oct 13, 2015 by aura , No Comments

Audits are the significant tool across various departments, from HR to sales, marketing and management. Unlike external audits that focus on overall process factors, internal auditing focuses on the processes and procedures conducted within the organization. By identifying potential risks …

Top reasons to invest on Quality management softwares

Sep 25, 2015 by aura , No Comments

To make a business successful several key components is required like collaboration, innovation, and cooperation. Chief among the components a business should have in place is Quality Management System, (QMS) is an effective tool that assists business to automate and …

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