QMS System to Streamline Audit Management in Logistics Company

Training Management System for Empowering Education, Standardizing Training Practices

Training management Software,


The client, a leading provider of online training and educational resources, faced a growing challenge- delivering consistent and effective training across its diverse departments catering to diverse users like students, staff and administrators. They approached us to get a solution tailored to their needs.

Business Requirement:

With instructors and trainers using different methodologies, resources scattered across platforms, and limited data on learning effectiveness, scaling became difficult. Challenges include:

  • Inconsistent Practices: Lack of a centralized training system led to varying teaching methods, hindering standardization and quality control.
  • Inefficient Processes: Manually managing training administration consumed valuable time and resources, hampering scalability.
  • Limited Engagement: Present delivery methods are struggling to engage learners using different learning styles.
  • Unmeasured Impact: Without tracking data, the organisation couldn’t gauge the impact of training on a learner’s performance and on organizational goals.

Solution Offered:

We implemented our advanced Training Management System Software, tailored to the specific needs. This included:

  • Customizable Learning Paths: Curated content libraries and adaptive learning technology addressed diverse learning styles and skill levels.
  • Centralized Platform: A unified platform housed all training materials, streamlining access and management.
  • Automated Workflows:Automated processes for scheduling, enrollment, and progress tracking freed up staff time.
  • Engaging Delivery Formats:Interactive elements, gamification, and personalized feedback boosted learner engagement and motivation.
  • Comprehensive Reporting:Robust reporting tools provided insights into student/employee performance, course effectiveness, and ROI.

Benefits of Training Management System

By implementing our quality management solution successfully, they standardized their training practices across departments, leading to improved efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with organizational objectives.

  • Standardized Training: A consistent training experience across departments ensured quality and compliance.
  • 20% Reduction in Administrative Time: Automation streamlined processes, freeing staff for other strategic initiatives.
  • 30% Increase in Training Completion Rates:Engaging formats and personalized learning paths boosted completion rates.
  • 15% Improvement in Student/Employee Performance:Data-driven insights helped fine-tune training, leading to measurable performance gains.
  • Clearer Alignment with Organizational Goals:Data-driven insights ensured training directly contributed to achieving strategic objectives.

Our Training Management Solution, transformed the training program, creating a standardized, efficient, and engaging learning experience. By addressing key pain points and aligning with the goals, we helped the client empower learners, optimize resources, and ultimately, achieve greater success. To unlock your organization’s training potential, contact us today.

From Compliance to Excellence: Transforming ISO Audit Management in the Food Industry with Aura QMS Software

ISO Audit Management Software

The Client:

As a prominent player in the food industry, our client faced the persistent challenge of maintaining ISO compliance. For the IT Manager overseeing Food Industry Compliance, the need for an effective solution to address non-conformities and enhance overall audit management efficiency became increasingly critical.

Business Requirement:

The food industry often contends with Major Non-Conformities and Minor Non-Conformities during ISO audits, posing risks to product quality and brand reputation. The existing audit management system was outdated and inefficient, necessitating a streamlined solution from Aura QMS Solution for ISO Audit Management Software to ensure Regulatory Compliance and Continuous Improvement.

 Solution Offered:

To meet these challenges, Aura QMS Software presented an advanced ISO Audit Management Software, to be implemented. This Quality Management System offers a comprehensive solution for ISO audit management, featuring a user-friendly interface, real-time tracking capabilities, and advanced reporting tools. This ensures Operational Excellence and provides an ideal solution for organizations striving for excellence in ISO compliance within the Food Industry.


Efficient Compliance Management:

Streamlined Audit Processes for easy compliance tracking. Real-time updates to reduce the risk of non-conformities.

Intuitive User Interface:

User-friendly design for easy navigation and system adoption. Minimized training time for IT and audit teams.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics:

Comprehensive reporting tools for informed decision-making. Proactive identification and resolution of potential non-conformities.

Continuous Improvement Culture:

Encourages a proactive approach to issue resolution and process improvement. Fosters a culture of Continuous Improvement in Quality Management System practices.

Enhanced Brand Reputation:

Minimizes the risk of product quality issues during ISO audits. Improves overall brand reputation through sustained compliance and operational excellence.

The implementation of Aura QMS Software successfully transformed ISO Audit Management within the Food Industry, moving from mere compliance to a culture of excellence. The intuitive interface, real-time tracking, and advanced reporting features demonstrate a robust commitment to Regulatory Compliance and Quality Management System practices.

Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency by Empowering Workflows with QMS-Integrated Task Management


Our client in manufacturing, a leading mechanical parts supplier, faced significant challenges in optimizing their operational workflows. The IT Manager recognized the critical need for an effective Task Management System (TMS) to address ongoing issues in task tracking, workflow inefficiencies, and collaboration hurdles within the company.

Business Requirement

  1. Task Tracking Challenges: The client struggled with the tracking and managing of various tasks across varied manufacturing processes and departments. This led to delays and a lack of transparency in task progress.
  2. Workflow Inefficiencies: The absence of a streamlined task management system resulted in operational inefficiencies, causing delays, errors, and sometimes disruptions in production. This impacted the overall productivity and quality of the manufactured parts.
  3. Collaboration Hindrances: Limited visibility and collaboration among teams hindered effective communication, leading to inefficiencies in task execution. This lack of coordination negatively impacted the overall efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Solution Offered

To address these challenges, we implemented our Quality Management System (Aura), which uniquely integrates Task Management capabilities. Unlike competitors, our system provides a unified platform where task management, quality control, and workflow optimization converge.

  1. Comprehensive Integration: Aura seamlessly integrates task management with quality control processes, providing a holistic solution to optimize manufacturing workflows.
  2. Unified Platform: Our system offers a centralized platform, allowing teams across departments to collaborate in real-time, improving communication and reducing the risk of errors.
  3. Streamlined Task Tracking: Aura enables efficient tracking and management of tasks across different manufacturing processes, enhancing transparency.



  • Enhanced Collaboration: Improved visibility and communication among teams led to a notable reduction in miscommunication and errors.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Streamlined task tracking and workflow optimization resulted in a 20% increase in overall operational efficiency.
  • On-time Delivery: The implementation of Aura contributed to a 15% reduction in production delays, ensuring timely delivery of parts to customers.
  • Quality Improvement: Integrated quality control processes within the task management system led to a 25% decrease in defects, enhancing the overall quality of manufactured parts.


The company gains a competitive edge by streamlining operations with Aura’s QMS-integrated Task Management, boosting efficiency by 20%, reducing delays by 15%, and improving overall quality.

How Aura QMS Software Cuts Document Management Time in Half for a Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

quality document management software


Our client is a prominent player in the manufacturing of high-end instruments with over 30 years of industry experience. They have a specialized R&D process for medical equipment manufacture. The company boasts an extensive product portfolio, accumulated over the years, leading to a significant volume of crucial documents in the archive.

Business Requirement

The primary pain points revolved around the cumbersome nature of manual and paper documentation and its management, especially in their research and development efforts. Valuable time was being spent on searching for essential documents, often because documents were misplaced or lost. This not only led to operational inefficiencies and extra resources but also necessitated the replacement of lost documents, further burdening the workflow and other processes. The complexity increased when multiple individuals were involved in workflows, making it challenging to track responsibilities and task assignments.

Solution Offered

To address these challenges, we proposed the implementation of Aura QMS document management software, aiming to decrease the time spent on manual documentation and management by 50%. Aura, an electronic Quality Management System, offered a seamless transition from a manual document management system to an automated one.

All documents, including those crucial to the R&D process for medical equipment, were uploaded, approved, and published within specified hours. The system established a hierarchy of approval authorities for each document version, ensuring a clear path for document approvals. Users were required to raise a Document Change Request (DCR) for each version, maintaining a transparent record of modifications. Access to documents was restricted to privileged users only, enhancing security and confidentiality.


  • Reduced time spent on documentation and management by 50%
  • Eliminated the risk of document misplacement and loss
  • Streamlined workflows by providing a clear hierarchy of approval authorities
  • Enhanced transparency by tracking responsibilities within teams
  • Effortless transition from manual to automated document management
  • Efficiently managed and maintained all R&D documents in a cloud storage repository
  • Significantly decreased the need for manual paper documentation, leading to cost savings
  • Improved security and confidentiality through controlled, restricted access to privileged users

The implementation of Aura QMS software’s Document Management System, revolutionized the client’s document management process, bringing about an exemplary shift in efficiency and productivity within their R&D segment for medical equipment.

Revolutionizing Document Management: Streamlining Quality Assurance with Aura QMS

quality management and audit software


The client is a leading business group having numerous industries and services, with a wide distribution network operating in a nationwide competitive market.

Business Requirement

After a discussion with the client, about the documentation requirements in maintaining a quality system for the group, the Aura team identified the following challenges the client was having when managing its multiple entities, to achieve their business goals.

  • The unseen problem is the absence of a structured repository with a robust version control mechanism that leads to difficulties in tracking document changes, resulting in disorganization and confusion about the latest (updated) and most accurate versions. This leads to delays, errors, non-compliance, and miscommunication, hindering operational quality.
  • In various scenarios where their teams collaborate on critical projects with constant document revisions, the lack of clear version control makes integrating edits complex. Determining the most recent version becomes challenging, leading to information loss and incorrect data utilization.

Solution Offered

Our team deliberated to finally derive a Quality Assurance solution that will help meet the client’s requirements to sort out the various issues related to quality management.

  • Structured Version Control: Aura QMS Software provides a structured approach to versioning, ensuring a clear history of document changes, simplifying comparisons between versions, and enabling seamless collaboration.
  • Efficient Document Management: With the QMS module, organizations can efficiently manage document revisions, ensuring that the most up-to-date and accurate information is readily available and accessible.
  • Version Tracking: The software offers secure and robust version tracking and credentials, eliminating confusion and providing a clear overview of document changes.
  • Enhanced Document Collaboration: The Aura module facilitates efficient document collaboration, allowing teams to work on documents simultaneously while maintaining version integrity.
  • Clear Version History: The system maintains a comprehensive version history, making it easy to trace document changes and identify the most recent versions.
  • Seamless integration with ISO audit software offers accessibility, accuracy, compliance and actionable insights.


  • Enhanced Version Control & History: Clear and structured versioning system available for all stakeholders and tracking of document modifications.
  • Efficient Document Management: Timely access to up-to-date information improves decision-making.
  • Improved Version Tracking: A comprehensive overview of document changes made over time.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Facilitates simultaneous work on documents.


By implementing this software application, the company gains a competitive edge in managing document versioning issues, ensuring efficient document management, and overcoming document control problems.

Manufacturer Provided Software for Documentation and Auditing with Analysis and Flow of the QMS Application

QMS software application


The client that approached us is a leading engineering company manufacturing various products for a variety of customers spread all over the country. Although they have put many years into operations and run multiple units, they needed to streamline their documentation for improving efficiency and productivity.

Business Requirement

The Aura team had a discussion with the client’s managers to understand their requirements and to facilitate the customization needed in the quality management software application to meet their needs. They needed to have modules for assessment management, meeting management, and complaint management in a single application. They aimed to eliminate the physical maintenance of documents in the present system. They wanted to audit the records on daily bases. The audit management was also required on calls and tickets raised by the sales and service executives. The audit was on a recurrence basis to identify trends. The client is also required to maintain the meeting management and calendar schedule to streamline the tasks allotted to the teams.

Solution Offered

After discussions with the client’s representatives, we customized the quality software for them. By using AURA quality management software, the company is able to enhance the QMS process along with management of the documentation process by maintaining version control and streamlining team collaboration between their departments.

Using the web-based QMS software application, users can create a communication plan to keep the team aligned and focused which helps increase efficiency. We have specifically designed the dashboard for all the audit tasks as a separate module. Here the user can view the pictorial representation of all the audits with summary-wise data and its observation trends in the dashboard module.

All the published documents along with the evidence documents are stored in the AURA cloud server where the user with credentials can view or download the document whenever needed for reporting or analysis as per requirement. They can improve their quality process among the teams and employees by maintaining the internal audit process and maintaining product quality. By maintaining product audit specifically, on this QMS software, there is an overall improvement in the ROI.


  • Offers the highest level of the quality management process
  • Cuts the cost of correcting defects in the existing process
  • Continual improvement to increase process efficiency
  • Improves team interactions for better customer service and customer retention
  • Centralized Data improves the traceability of CAPAs


Solution for Auditing the Recurrence, Occurrence and Monitoring of Calls for Call-Centres

web-based QMS software


The client is a leading BPO running call centers for their varied clients and offering other related solutions in a competitive market. However, they needed to streamline and audit their call-center business activities to improve quality and efficiency.

Business Requirement

The client approached us in order to find a solution to streamline and monitor the traffic of calls at their call centers, mainly to audit the occurrence, and recurrence of calls for efficiency. They also needed to audit the recorded calls on a daily basis and maintain calendar schedules and meeting management parallelly. This audit process is to improve the quality of their service.

Solution Offered

After discussions with the client’s executives, we went about customizing the Aura software as per their requirements and pain points. We have now specifically designed the dashboard of the quality management software application for all the audit areas as a separate module. Here the user can view the pictorial representation of all the audit information with summary-wise data presented and also its observation trends in the dashboard module. On all the pages we have put the filter option with the designated fields, so the user can view the specific details needed without searching across each page which is convenient and saves time.

By using the Aura QMS product, the BPO company can improve its quality process. By implementing the quality management software among their employees especially by maintaining the internal audit process, the company is able to maintain product quality. Maintaining the product audit specifically, it helps overall improvement of the ROI for the company. Leverage Aura Quality Management Software to automate all steps in the audit lifecycle. Get good real-time visibility into audit processes, history, and findings through the customized graphical dashboards and generate the reports as per your requirements.


  • Provides the highest level of the quality management process
  • Reduces costs of correcting defects in the existing process
  • Data centralization improves the traceability of CAPAs
  • Drives continual improvement & increases process efficiencies
  • Identifies key agent characteristics for training opportunities
  • Improves agent interactions for better customer service
  • Increases customer retention


This QMS software helps to monitor a wide range of organization-specific quality management activities and generate configurable draft and final audit reports for management. Benefit from a modern web-based QMS software that is scalable and multi-location enabled. You can also send us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you.

How quality management software enhanced documentation process of die casting manufacturing industry

quality control document management software

A leading die cast manufacturing industry in India that manufacturers metal parts used in making consumer and industrial products approached AURA to streamline their quality management documentation control process.  As a modern die casting foundry following DIN ISO 9001 standard, they need more documentation processes to maintain quality standards and regulatory requirements.


  • The ISO die cast manufacturing industry faced challenges in maintaining its quality auditing documents. As they need a central repository for data management.
  • As a large-scale industry maintaining a huge amount of data records the die casting foundry found it difficult to secure all their confidential records more firmly.
  • They lost data while sharing documents or were reckless in maintaining documents.
  • They find significantly low team collaboration between departments and productivity while handling manual documentation processes for their organization.


AURA a reliable quality control document management software provided a solution for the established die casting industry to maintain their documents in new version control. AURA software allowed them to create both internal & external auditing checklists with regulatory standards and maintain a quality management process for their production activities. It worked as a central repository for their document records where they can share, store, and retrieve data without any data redundancy or loss. Even it supported the company to store and maintain all documents in a secure and standard file system location and protect them from any cyber-attack.  Easy document sharing and record access by AURA made the company teams collaborate effectively and increase productivity continuously.


By using AURA software product, the company was able to maintain the quality process among the employees by following internal & external audit processes more efficiently. It also supported the company to maintain a huge amount of document records in a single place without losing a single datum. Enhanced team interactions such as sharing or storing the data record are made easy with AURA quality control document management software.

Customized QMS Software for Catering Services Company

customized qms software


The client belongs to the fast growing food industry, who operates in the Middle East and is into the business of Catering and Support Services but is part of a big group of companies, with its Head Quarters situated in Saudi Arabia. They are handling a portfolio of clients who are unique and diverse. Their business encompasses major international blue-chip companies, military organizations, drilling contractors and private, high-profile individuals.

Business Requirement

Having vast experiences and wide operations the client is holding several certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 22002-2, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, adhering to Saudi Aramco Food Codes and Saudi Aramco Guidelines. However, they need an integrated software to manage the complete QMS activities together and to consolidate their business efficiencies. It also required to adhere to documentation and regulation related to the food industry of the respective regions.

Solution offered

Since client was in need of a complete customized QMS software, Aura has taken this up as a new project development for developing new modules. Our solution is to customize the existing features as per the client’s requirements and industry specific needs such as – Enhancing the Dashboard with dynamic reports; enabling to view documents online instead of downloading any files; incorporating the Dynamic RCA module; Dynamic checklist types; Task creation based on each audit feedback instead of NCs alone; Observation based audit reports.

As a domain expert for more than 5 years, we at Aura analysed the optimal possibilities to go-live in the minimal timeline and planned the development of the customized QMS software.


  • Holistic solution for ISO and other standard certifications
  • Streamlined the tasks and RCAs closure, with auto reminders and task allocation
  • Dynamic audit checklist with different parameters and checklist types
  • Simplified document management cycles
  • Mobile responsive, so can conduct audit anywhere

QMS System to Streamline Audit Management in Logistics Company


The client is a leading logistics service provider with worldwide reach. The company is engaged in offering its valued customers a professional service and also provide flexible supply chain solutions that are tailored to meet the individual business needs of their customers.

Business Requirement

The client’s requirement was to develop a Quality Management software solution to handle their organization’s Complete Internal Audit Activities, handle the Document Management system requirements and to effectively manage their tasks on a day-to-day basis with the help of a software.

Solution offered

The client was given Aura’s Internal Audit Management module which covered key Audit Activities, such as Audit Scheduling, Audit Publishing, Pre-Audit Activities & Post-Audit Activities in real-time with related charts. This addressed the client’s pain point regarding internal audit activities management. An authorized user of the company will be given privilege access to create multiple Audit Checklists, to create and manage Audit Reports. The software system also provides the facility to do the Correction, Root Cause Analysis, Corrective Action, Effectiveness Review by Auditor & Auditee, all in a user-friendly manner.

To address the pain point of efficient document management AURA also provided the client the Article / Document Management System that enables an authorized user to create or update and publish documents / templates / articles quite effortlessly via the digitized system.

Access to specific documents can be restricted by assigning a security role with the proper access rights (common / a specific user group / individual user) in relation with Workflow Management. The software’s Dashboard feature actually facilitates the user to get to know the Daily, Weekly & Monthly tasks in a user-friendly manner. Such tasks can be the meetings, training’s, POA’s, Daily tasks and Audit tasks.


  • Track RCAs with its relevant status, anytime & anywhere
  • Clarity in creating and managing various Audit Checklists
  • Document Management with revision history made easy
  • More personalized reminders on audits and events generated
  • Option to track non-audit related tasks also in the system